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Being A Guest

It’s been a while since I attended a wedding. I’ve been to weddings, but this was different. I was a guest! Definitely grateful for being invited and being able to share such a special day in which friends, family, and the couple as they said their promise to each other. The whole ceremony and reception was just a reminder of the significance of marriage. There are times when standing behind a camera in which I view how to capture the best picture instead of understanding the depth of what is taking place. Two people committing themselves to live and love each other til the end. When I see tears through the camera lens, I see a money shot. But as I saw tears without the camera in front of my face, I saw sincerity. I saw love. I saw commitment. I’m not saying it’s wrong to take pictures of those particular moments. Those are the ones to definitely capture because when looking back on this day, you want the pictures to remind the people of what they felt. A picture that can draw emotion is much powerful than one that is just about beauty and glamour. The only thing is to sometimes remind yourself of the reality of the situation. When you understand the importance of the rings, the importance of the vows, the importance of the tears in their eyes…you know how important it is to capture that instant.

Here’s me goofing off and being a guest at a wedding. By the way, they said not to take pictures during the ceremony, so I did respect that. I understand how ‘ugly’ it looks when the professional pictures come back and shows everyone holding up a camera phone capturing the wedding.

Church: Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Reception: Ashyana Banquets


Sometimes stepping back or playing a different ‘role’ opens your eyes to see a situation from a different perspective. Maybe you’ll see the importance of it, maybe you’ll see the humor in it, maybe you’ll see that you can’t do it by yourself and need help, or maybe you’ll be grateful because you wonder how you made it out alive. We may not have the ability to take on a different angle for all situations, that’s why I guess it’s important to trust friends and family as they give that different perspective. Do the same for them.

Proverbs 11:25 The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

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