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Where did you hide it?

Had the chance to go to the Chicago Auto show again this year. It was filled with beautiful cars, amazing new technology and cool displays. But taking pictures of cars can get a little redundant at times. Many times I find an angle I like and I end up taking all my pictures like that. So this year, I gave myself a new homework assignment. Take pictures of the logos/model names/brand markings on the car. The more hidden they were, the more interesting shot it created. This kept me interested in looking at the cars and at the same time kept me on my toes trying to compose the pictures because some of these places weren’t picture friendly. Of course, I did take full car pictures and other random pictures. I didn’t limit myself to just my assignment. But this helped me look at things in a different light. Yes, I wouldn’t get the whole car which everyone expects in photos from going to a car show, but making it interesting/challenging to me was fun. Whenever you feel bored or feel like your in a rut, give yourself an assignment which you wouldn’t normally do.



Walking around the autoshow, trying to find all the different places the car makers hid their logos reminded me of something. First of all, why would a car maker ‘hide’ their logo. Yes, it looks amazing in the center of the car rim, or on the brakes, or on the head rest of the car, or on the steering wheel…But who’s going to notice that when the car is racing down the street? Who’s going to be able to see the logo through tinted windows, or follow the spinning rim to see which car maker created this piece of art? For the amount of money you’re paying for some of these cars, it should be painted across the side of the car or even on the hood! But then it hit me…There’s characteristics that you recognize that you associate with a specific car maker. Even if you de-badged the car, the public would be able to tell what brand it was.

Thinking about my photography assignment, I couldn’t help but think of myself. I love emblems, symbols, crests, pendants, jewelry, etc. If you saw me, I’d always have something on me. I do try to put the pendants underneath my shirt, but the rings/bracelets tend to be seen. But on the auto show floor, I couldn’t help but question if wearing a cross was the only thing linking me with my Creator. Have I hid my “logo”, my “brand”, what I stand for, what I believe in?? Would people be able to tell if I didn’t have my jewelry on or a symbol hanging from my rear view mirror? In the midst of the thousands that were there, would they be able to tell? Even if I narrowed the audience down to just my work environment. How will people see who I am when I sometimes don’t feel like I’m being a good representative. I know it’s hard when surrounded at times by people who don’t view situations the way you do. I know it’s hard when surrounded by constant negativity. I know it’s hard when you feel like you’re giving your all and you’re tank is running on empty…How easy it would be to de-badge for a day. To not try. Who’s paying attention anyways?!……For whatever it’s worth, don’t…you are making a difference each and everyday. You may not see it now, and there’s a great chance you never will…

“Let them see You in me
Let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You, let them see You in me”
– JJ Weeks Band (Song: “Let Them See You”)
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