The Middle East

If you happen to be a city person, you most definitely have to visit Dubai. Wow, what a place! The buildings and structures all seem like they are from the future. It is a very beautiful place that has all sorts of huge malls, numerous restaurants and amazing hotels. Another plus point to this spoiled person is, most of them speak English! hahaha! There were many places I visited that I didn’t take pictures of. Yes, it’s not what photographers are known for, but I was at times overwhelmed and amazed at what I saw that I didn’t bother.

You would think all these items would be a photographers dream come true for photographs. You’re right, these are! One thing that I noticed is that at night, the lights for the buildings weren’t lit up. For example, Chicago’s skyline at night is amazing. The lights to the buildings are on and the buildings look like big glow sticks. In Dubai, sometimes you don’t even notice the building because they are hidden in the shadows of night. The common sense answer would be take pictures during the day! True statement….it was extremely hot though.

I keep noticing that sometimes as photographers, we don’t get the exact situation that would make a perfect picture. There are times we visit certain places at the ‘wrong’ time. So we don’t get the colors that we want or the situation we would like. For example, these videographers for the show Planet Earth wait sometimes months to get the perfect shot! With all this being said, use this to your advantage. I personally like pictures that aren’t quite ‘picture perfect’. That gives a sense of realism. But what do I know, I think I’m just making excuses for my heavily touched up pictures 🙂 Try to make them look like art even if they aren’t!



Had the privilege of going to many places and witnessing the beauty of people’s imagination through architecture and the design of buildings in Dubai. We met awesome friends that spent time with us and took us around. One of the last places we visted was the desert. Everything used to be like that, but slowly the soil was replaced. Then architects and developers from around the world were hired to think out of the box. Then with a lot of money, building palaces and majestic pieces of art in building form seemed feasible to do out in a desert! The transformation of a desert into such a futuristic place is incredible.

Many times, we get stuck in a particular place in life and think this is where we belong. We believe this is as far as we are going to get. Like the desert, we think there can be nothing good that can come out. Be open to the mindset that what is greater is waiting for you. It might not be in your finances, maybe not in your job, maybe not in your school, but maybe in your level of peace or happiness. Maybe it will be in your relationships. Your transformation is happening if you keep trusting the One who is able to make the impossible possible.

John 10:10 – “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

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