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Important People

I wanted to write the following blog a while ago, but I guess right now might be appropriate with what has been going on…the elections!!! By the way, I hope you went out to vote if you have the right to do so. I’ve learned that once you vote, then you also have the right to complain because you did all you can hehehe….

I had the privilege to photograph some political people in my day, and I wouldn’t mind if I had the opportunity to do some more in the future. I find myself actually paying attention to their speeches rather than changing the channel for one reason. I usually end up respecting them a bit more after hearing them speak. I’ve heard them speak to crowds mainly made up of college students, so they speak in a simple language and in terms that can be easily understood. While also throwing some life experiences so that their lives are relatable. I’m not saying I agree with their views and points, but I do end up respecting them because they want to make this country better than it is but through a different way than me.

Between speeches, I got to see how they greeted their fans and responded to people. But this next part is what I found fascinating…once people greeted their political icon and finished asking me to take their selfies with them on their phones, the political figure is at times left alone. In a crowded room full of their admirers, he/she is left alone. I feel kind of awkward because I’m the only one standing next to them…but that’s because it’s my job at the time.

Who in your mind do you think is important? Who in your mind do you think is famous? Who do you hold in your mind as a person that is making a difference in others lives? Who is it that you think has influence over someone’s life?…I initially thought sports players or movie stars or political leaders or music artists. I mean, everyone sees their lives and want to wear what they wear and sing along to songs that they wrote and watch the movies they star in. But in actuality, when I stood next to someone ‘important’, they had less influence on me than one of my close friends. They had less pull on me than how I looked up to my family. My coworkers influence me more than them…what am I trying to say?? I’m saying YOU are important. You make a difference to people that are around you. Yea, you don’t have 1 million followers or 100k likes. But you have more influence over a friend or family member than those so called icons. You can come to that persons aide when no one else will. You can show that someone cares for them. Don’t take it lightly.

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10
9 Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor.
10 For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls,
For he has no one to help him up.


Former Governor and Presidential Candidate Howard Dean




Attorney General Lisa Madigan