Kyle & Nandhu

The feeling of humbleness never seems to fade away whenever I get the opportunity to take picts of people. Especially when they are friends and they are going to get married! I had the privilege of sharing some precious moments with Kyle and Nandhu this last week. They were definitely a very fun couple to be with while taking their pictures. This helped me to feel at ease and try different things with them. When going to certain locations(in this case a new place for me – Morton Arboretum and the river walk in Naperville), I can sometimes feel anxious. I get burdened thinking of how I’ll find a good spot, if the sun’s too high, if I’m getting good light, etc. But when everyone’s just chilaxing, the freedom of ideas just start flowing. I do feel bad for suggesting taking picts in a small patch of tall grass to only realize there were thorns everywhere in there!…but these probably made for my favorite shots. Though there weren’t many leaves on the trees, or flowers in bloom, our Creator blessed us with beautiful days to spend in the outdoors. I wish the best and pray blessings over you two!



I am always reminded how open I have to be when it comes to photography. At times I think I missed a shot or missed an opportunity. But realize I need to stick with it and don’t let my guard down. Every shot is not a keeper, and if I end up in a spot where nothing seems to be working, it’s easy to give up. It’s easy for those previous shots to influence your next shots. You may start retreating to a list of shots you are sure of. But I would encourage you to look around, take your time, and keep pushing into the unknown. Walking into thorn infested grass, or going to downtown Naperville after sunset would not be appealing to me if you told me before I had actually tried it out. That’s what I love about photography…I’m always surprised at the results. I go in thinking I will get certain shots and a certain look and come out with something I had not planned for, but still amazing pictures….Come to think of it, same with life. A lot of times unexpected, but crazy beautiful when stepping back and looking at it.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” | Ralph Waldo Emerson

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